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Speaking Engagements

Make Mike Your Speaker

If we would put into action even 10% of the knowledge that we don’t use, we might not need to learn anything else.   ~Mike Lehr

Mike makes keynote addresses, conducts training and facilitates discussions.

Speaking Experience

Mike has over 40 years of public speaking experience. It began in high school. He was on the speech and debate teams. It continued through college. Mike made numerous talks to parents, college officials and students as president of the student government and student lobbyist.

This carried on into his work career as a sales manager, trainer and speaking coach. When Mike launched Omega Z Advisors, he continued with seminars, workshops and keynote addresses.

Mike is a hands-on speaker. He doesn’t just research and present ideas. He routinely applies and tests what he presents as advisor, consultant, manager and contractor for his clients. This has tremendous street-wise credibility with the audience.

Speaking Style

In addition to his prepared talks. Mike is extremely adept at extemporizing. This is very conducive to town-hall, Q&A and other interactive formats. It allows Mike to make last minute changes. He goes where the audience wants to go.

Mike takes a sales-oriented approach to presenting topics. It is not enough to just say something new. It also means diving into the old and repositioning it so people take action.

Mike’s differentiators are:

  • Making extensive use of analogies, pictures, stories and humor
  • Asking thought-provoking questions of his audiences
  • Opening new lines of thinking previous not considered or envisioned
  • Explaining extremely complex concepts in easy, understandable ways
  • Saying what others are thinking but can’t verbalize
  • Identifying the trade offs in approaches

Clients have called him the “Analogy King” and “Thought Provocateur.” He finds very creative ways to refresh long-standing topics such as customer service and quality.

Sample Speaking Topics

Mike specializes in influencing and problem solving especially as they relate to business cultures, internal politics, relationships and personalities. This has many applications. They put Mike in a unique position to refresh well-worn topics.

5 Ways to Motivate Without Spending a Cent: This is Mike’s most popular topic. A CEO’s question prompted it over ten years ago. He wanted to know how to improve morale. Audience: Leaders, executives, managers and team leaders.

Power of Personality – Don’t Leave Home Without It: Mike first presented this to a state’s annual convention of banking CEO’s and Presidents. It is about tapping a power we have that we often take for granted. Audience: Leaders, executives, managers and team leaders. 

Avoiding the Money Pit of Change Management: Research shows most change initiatives and reorganizations do not work. Much of it has to do with that we do not apply the same business sense to the effort as we do our businesses. Audience: Leaders, executives and senior managers.

8 Ways to Make Others More Receptive: It is not enough to listen. We must prove we are listening. We must also do so in a way that extends our influence. Audience: People who need to influence

Tapping Relationships for Commitment and Action: Once we have a relationship, how do we tap it? How do we gain commitment and action from it? It is more than asking. It is how we ask. Audience: People who need to influence, especially frontline managers and supervisors.

Running Meetings that Build Culture and Team: Meetings are one of the big three wasters of time. Yet, they are great opportunities to build culture and team. Tips apply to all group interactions.Audience: People who are responsible for building business cultures or teams.

Winning With Diversity – Management for 21st Century: Research overwhelmingly shows diverse personalities make a firm more nimble. That is vital these days. This means new talents and skills for leaders. Audience: Leaders and innovators

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