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To Those Who Dare

I write for many different purposes including policies and procedures, business forms, board resolutions, web and marketing content, innovative ideas, instructional documents, training materials, contract templates, high-level sales presentations, business reports, sermons and of course this blog. If someone can answer my questions, there is nothing I can’t write.

So, this page came to be because some wanted to read my creative works. They are difficult to define though. Editors can’t agree, calling them anything from essays and commentaries to stories and poems. I simply call them writings. In general though, the writings remind us of the good things in us, others and life which we frequently take for granted.

If I were to put these into a book, I would title it, To Those Who Dare. It’s because the most challenging thing is to look within for the growth we seek. Too often socialization creates an image for us to consume that prevents us from looking much deeper than our own skin. It convinces us that the treasure is behind the job, the education, the contacts and many more. However, to those who dare to shatter that image, they are the ones who find the real treasure buried deep within themselves.

Here are four writings with introductions. I have tons more but these are a start.

  • Buzz! Ring! Beep!  (205 words) is about working in the office of today.
  • Meat (175 words) is business related but I’ll leave it at that for now.
  • They Threw Away the Key (991 words) concerns change on the individual level.
  • Drafty (1390 words) is a conversation between two characters: the authority repairing a wall and the stranger causing trouble.


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