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Team Omega Z Advisors

Mike Lehr


Mike Lehr Website PicWith almost 35 years’ experience in sales and sales management, and over 20 in human resources and training, Mike has helped leaders and others deliver change. Mike’s strong technical, quantitative and relational attributes allow him to integrate business tangibles with organizational cultures while navigating office politics. He is extremely adept at assisting in crystallizing ideas and uncovering unexpected details. Mike’s well versed on intuitive and subconscious influences in decision making. He scored as creative according to Rorschach conventions. Mike has 40 years of public and competitive speaking experience. Mike’s LinkedIn profile.

Todd Purdum

Senior Advisor – Revenue Growth and Information Technology

Todd Purdum Website PicTodd has over 26 years of experience growing revenues in sales and marketing. Much of this has been in the information technology sector. Todd combines a strong sales aptitude with an information technology one. He effectively leads in both strategic and hands-on roles. Todd communicates in a uniquely informal way that helps anyone see the strategic, practical and creative business implications of information technology. He toggles and translates frequently between the executive and information technology levels. Todd effectively speaks and trains on sales, marketing and information technology. Todd’s LinkedIn profile.

Stuart Kretch

Senior Advisor – Data Management

Stuart Kretch Website PicFor over 30 years Stuart has blended quantitative analysis with information technology and operations to deliver business results. His experience extends across many industries with particular focus on supply chain in consumer packaged goods, industrial and electronics. Stuart is adept at communicating and collaborative across all functions and with third parties. He makes data analysis and its insights simple and practical for those outside the discipline. Stuart is fully versed on best practices for project and program management. He is an effective leader and speaker. Stuart’s LinkedIn profile.

Marsha Friedman

Senior Advisor – Program Management

Marsha Friedman Website PicMarsha has navigated organizational cultures and office politics for over 30 years to lead teams and organizations in the development of organizational, strategic, financial, operational and training practices. While well-versed in their best practices, she applies them creatively and effectively to the client’s unique attributes. In addition to Marsha’s hands-on approach, she designs, develops, delivers and directs training and its supporting tools. Her aptitude for financials and information technology allow her to integrate individual contributions and organizational development with business success. Marsha trains and speaks on these disciplines. Marsha’s LinkedIn profile.

Hayyal Ighneim

Senior Advisor – Information Technology

Hayyal Ighneim Website PicHayyal brings over 20 years of information technology experience leading large teams through process improvement, cost savings, and organizational development initiatives. His strong attributes for finances, data and statistical analysis have given him extensive experience advising C-level executives on profitably implementing information technology programs. Hayyal’s ability to discuss highly technical concepts to non-technical partners optimizes project communications. This ability has delivered results-oriented experience in highly collaborative projects in many industries in Asia, Latin America, Canada, and South America. This experience makes him a powerful speaker on information technology profitability. Hayyal’s LinkedIn profile.

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