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This blog publishes a new post every Monday. It updates and refreshes a previous post every Thursday. Unless noted otherwise, Mike Lehr writes, updates and refreshes all postings.

To achieve its mission, this blog uses an experiential and practical approach based upon Mike’s work. The approach has two main components: concepts and techniques. In order to be successful, Mike has found that people need to have a picture (concept) of what needs to be done as well as the skills (techniques) to create that picture. Analogously, we can compare concepts and techniques to strategy and tactics.

To link both together, examples are very important in Mike’s approach. That is why this blog will often comment on everyday business events and situations, to use them as examples of the concepts and techniques . To arrive at these concepts and techniques, Mike has relied heavily on trial and err in real-life settings. He is constantly assessing, interpreting and concluding what works. He then translates it into a usable format for others.

Please note that the approach is purposefully meant not to conform to methodologies rooted in some variation of the scientific method used by academicians, psychologists, scientists or researchers. While the scientific method has many benefits, it does not come without significant barriers preventing and retarding knowledge’s progress. We almost always know something before we can prove it. Since the scientific method is highly regimented, it will prevent and retard much new knowledge simply because it cannot prove it until new methodologies or technologies are incorporated.

Science is especially inept when it comes to more subjective and emotional disciplines such as intuition. For instance, proving that good leadership is good for business, that you love a spouse or a family member, that God exists or that you even exist as the person you are cannot currently be addressed by the scientific method. Yet, it’s concepts like these and many others that impact our business lives immensely.

In the business world, speed is crucial especially with the incessant technological change we are facing. Complying with the scientific method’s regimen is costly not only in a direct sense but also in an indirect one in the form of lost or missed opportunities because of the time it takes to fulfill its requirements. What we know far exceeds what we can prove. Business can easily be lost by delays to act on what we know especially when being first is becoming more and more important.

Therefore, it’s important to have other approaches in reserve such as those used by Mike Lehr and this blog. You can learn more through trial and err in real-life situations as an active participant than as a passive observer sitting on the side-lines in laboratory-like conditions. Yes, there is risk in employing something that is not proven by the scientific method. However, just as is true with investing, risk correlates to reward. Besides, if you really believe in what you know, you can reduce that risk. Mike believes he has dramatically reduced that risk so we all can gain and implement much quicker and more effectively the concepts and techniques expressed in this blog.

Please enjoy this blog.

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