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OZA Background

You can’t stumble across anything if you’re not moving.   ~Mike Lehr


Omega Z Advisors has existed since 2003. Mike Lehr founded it. It originally began as a human resources consulting firm. Since Mike’s background had a top line focus, clients were increasingly asking him to effect change in revenues and productivity.

With Mike’s aptitude for technology and implementation of customer relationship management software, Mike picked up several information technology consulting firms as clients.

During this time which began in 2007, Omega Z Advisors began to have more of an information technology focus. Mike also began to see from a human resources perspective that no one could do better at their jobs without addressing some aspect of information technology.

The next big advancement came in 2010 when Mike Lehr began blogging and using social media more comprehensively. This brought a wider audience to Mike and Omega Z Advisors. This boosted training, speaking and coaching activities.

Omega Z Advisors became increasingly known as a source of ideas and advice for the latest application of research on human behavior and motivation. It was becoming less of an human resource advisory firm and more of a firm helping leaders and others through all aspects of change in business.

In 2011, Omega Z Advisors began marketing itself as a change management firm. That remains so today.


Omega Z Advisors is as much a professional association as it is a business enterprise. Through Mike’s network, the company puts together specialized project teams to service the clients Mike and the company finds.

Through Mike’s connections and the company’s various clients, Omega Z Advisors is a national firm. It is a limited liability company. Since Mike creates much original material, the company has an extensive intellectual property inventory.


Omega Z Advisors’ name reflects the last letter of the Greek alphabet and of the Roman one. The tag line is:

Once you’ve been everyplace else, you’ve arrived at the last place. That place is Omega Z.

This reflects two things about Mike and the company’s philosophy.

First, Mike had a boss who said, “If there were a gold-glove award, you should get it. You do everything we throw at you, and you do it well.” This reflects Mike’s ability to work under intense deadlines and “get things done.”

Second, the name reflects that often many traditional business approaches fail. Many people have tried them all. They still need to get things done though. That’s where they arrive at the last place.

That place involves tapping relationships, creating cultures and building teams. No seeds can grow in toxic soil. No ideas take hold with bad relationships. Culture trumps vision, mission, strategy and process without sweating.


The logo of Omega Z Advisors shows a Yin-Yang sun rising over the Earth. Yin-Yang is integral to the problem-solving approach Mike and the company uses. It helps them find solutions where many other do not.

In simple terms, it says there are always good and bad aspects to any idea or approach. Much is dependent on context. This view steers the company to find right solutions for the right problems at the right time for the right people.


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