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Leaders tend to frame change within the confines of their talents, skills, education, experience and preferences.    ~Mike Lehr


Mike speaks on many topics. He focuses though on their influencing and problem solving aspects in the workplace. For leaders and others that means helping them be better influencers and problem solvers. How do they influence positively without sabotaging their efforts unknowingly? How do they lead or work with others to find good solutions and not just expected solutions? [More]


Omega Z Advisors is not a licensed reseller for any training vendor. Clients get independent advice. No third-party contracts block clients from getting what they need. Short presentations to extended workshops are available. We also can work as training advisors. Clients are not obliged to purchase training from us. [More]


Facilitation efforts usually take the form of helping to make retreats, team meetings and brainstorming sessions run better. Mike is especially gifted in facilitating situations that require solving problems creatively, integrating diversity and managing conflict. [More]


Consulting applies to firms and individuals, to leaders and others. The focus is on internal business cultures and politics. If organization, ideas and processes are the house, culture and relationships make that house a home. Mike is gifted in overlaying these over any structure. [More]


There are three types of assessments: culture, personalities and relationships. These assessments are specific to the initiative or project at hand. In other words, it is not just about classifying these. It is about using them to outline plans aimed at helping people to work better together. [More]


The digital age has endless hunger for documentation. Often it is getting an idea down or working through the details. Mike is amazingly adept at documenting complex ideas and visualizing details. He organizes them 500% faster and documents them 300% faster than average business people. [More]

Content Management

Keeping up with the demand for content in the digital age is challenging. Various kinds of websites become boring if content is not refreshed. Traffic declines. Projects delay. We can produce and manage content for you. This is especially the case if it does not have a huge legal or marketing emphasis to it.[More]

Program Management

Program management is a form of project management. It coordinates projects where sensitivity to internal cultures and politics is important. This can involve finding and managing internal talent, external talent or both. [More]

Contract Employment

Sometimes there are needs for talent on a temporary or part-time basis. Omega Z Advisors provides both especially when navigating internal cultures, politics and relationships is important. [More]

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