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It is easier to quote someone else than it is to quote yourself.  ~Mike Lehr

Endless Works in Progress

Mike writes extensively for many different reasons. This page introduces his works beyond what he does for clients. Mike’s blog is an example of this. There is more though. He creates training. Mike wrote the book, The Feminine Influence in Business (More at Google Books). He wrote a series of papers called the Midas Papers. He has creative works too.

Mike is a master at crystallizing abstract ideas and emotions into tangible forms. He excels too at breaking these forms down, seeing through them and uncovering overlooked details. In his work, this makes implementations run smoother. In ideas and concepts, this helps people reach the “aha moment.”

Mike does this through novel use of analogies, allegories, metaphors, symbols, schematics and examples. He is uniquely able to tailor these tools to the personalities of the users and listeners alike. As a result, this section of the Omega Z Advsiors’ site will be a journey of endless works in progress.

An endless journey of works in progress
A journey of endless works in progress in a land where writer’s block does not exist.

Existing Works

Here are the existing works in this section:

  • Building & Leveraging Relationships in Communications: This is an outline from an advanced leadership curriculum that Mike developed. It has 30 links to more info on each topic.
  • Robo Rat: This is a creative commentary on the contemporary culture in the workplace. Mike uses it to show how emotions that we might not know can impact our thoughts.
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