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Building & Leveraging Relationships in Communications

Getting Things Done . . . Effectively

This outline is from an advanced leadership curriculum at which I was a presenter. I delivered it as two three-hour programs. In an introductory email to participants, I sent this outline and links. Before the program, it served as preparation, after as review with participants’ managers.

While I included much other detail besides what is in these links, the outline as is flows very well and contains substantive detail on this topic. Most posts contain links to supporting research. One can read through the posts as ordered below and learn much.

1. Introduction: Relationships as Key

2. Manipulation or Influence

3. Names, Names, Names: Personalize & Personify

4. Relationship Building Techniques

5. Importance of Complimenting: Be the Sun

6. Ask Don’t Tell

7. Leveraging in Conversations

8. Applying Techniques in Group Settings, Meetings & Presentations

9. Word Power: Their Subconscious Influence

10. Summary & Conclusion

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