Pricing, The Secret

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The secret to pricing is its arbitrariness, subjectivity. What disrupts this is anchoring, a preconceived benchmark of what should be the price. Classical economics describes consumers as rational purchasers of goods and services weighing benefits and costs. In reality, that weighing is just a rational wrapping for subjective tendencies. Traditional pricing methodologies attack the weighing….

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Tapping Pricing’s Secret (Pt 1): Story, Symbol, Emotions

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Tapping pricing’s secret is a battle over establishing the anchor in the consumer’s mind. Unless we are the ones who set the anchor, it’s generally better to establish a different one by elevating the differences in our products and services. We begin by creating a story about them followed by an emotive connector tying it…

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Tapping Pricing’s Secret (Pt 2): Setting the Stage

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Normally, when pricing our products and services, we research the market, compare our features and benefits, consider our margins and then set our price. In the previous post, I wrote about the role stories and emotions play in setting the stage for pricing. We commonly call it branding. Its importance is nothing new, but branding…

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Storytelling’s Importance in Business Valuations

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I’ve written much about storytelling’s importance. Yet, I was surprised when I attended a business valuation seminar by Skoda Minotti CPA’s, Business & Financial Advisors. One of the presenters, Robert Ranallo, who frequently serves as a court-appointed attorney in the resolution of complex commercial disputes and business valuation matters, unexpectedly emphasized storytelling’s importance in response…

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