My 100th Post: Thank You for Your Inspiration

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You are reading my 100th post. In the beginning, I just wanted to see if I could stay committed to publishing twice a week for a year despite other commitments. I did that, but I had help. I felt this post was a symbolically opportune time to give thanks for that help. First, I want…

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My 200th Post: Thank You All – Again – For Your Inspiration

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Wow! I’m excited about my 200th post. More and more people have entered my life – real and virtual – for whom I am thankful. This post is longer than my norm, need to tap into the power of thank you’s. I continue to be thankful for those I mentioned in my 100th post, including…

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My 300th Post: Thank You for Your Encouragement, Motivation

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Unlike my 100th and 200th posts, I knew my 300th would arrive. This year saw substantial jump in visitors, so it’s like this: before if I stopped blogging few would notice, now quite a few would. Heck, people notice if I’m not online for a few days. All this produces a pleasant feeling of responsibility….

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My 400th Post: Thank You for Your Growth and Endorsements

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My 400th post arrives with much amazement, awe and appreciation for those who visit my blog, encourage me and publicly endorse both. As many of you have noted, there is much rich content here. I invest time in writing it, but increasingly the marketing and organization of that content is expanding. I appreciate your suggestions…

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Thank You for Your Encouragement and Motivation at 500

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I am not surprised that I am here at Post 500. I am surprised though by how hard this last hundred was. I was almost always at a deadline. My business and this blog took more time. I thank you for your encouragement and motivation. They carried me. My 400th post summarizes the past years….

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Post 600, Thank You to the Disagreeable and Dislikeable People

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This is my 600th post. My blog is finishing its seventh year. In the past, I have thanked specific people for their inspiration, encouragement and motivation. I have left out a group though. They are a prime source of creativity and material. They are the disagreeable and dislikeable people. Disagreeable and Dislikeable People Sharpen Us…

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