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Solving the Nonproductiveness of Telecommuting Workforces

The article “Face Time” (The New Yorker, March 18, 2013 edition) by James Surowiecki discusses telecommuting’s downsides by focusing on its interpersonal...
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Intelligence vs. Wisdom (Pt 2): Magical Difference

As I had posted earlier, one cannot be wise without sensitivity to the human condition. This means wisdom has innate, emotional, intangible...
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Creative Innovation (Pt 12): Associative Thinking

It’s difficult to discuss creative innovation without addressing associative thinking (aka Intersectional ThinkingTM). It’s the act of comparing something to another to...
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Creative Innovation (Pt 11): Quantification Restricts Creativity

Business prizes quantification; yet, ironically, it restricts creativity and innovation in two ways: Encouraging electrical activity in our brains which restricts idea...
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