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Remembering and using names of people builds morale and influence.
22 May 2010

Remembering and Using Names to Build Morale and Influence

If remembering and using names is important to someone, then he will be able to do it.

Leaders who are good at remembering and using names of people will rise above those who aren’t.

The way people look at things is greatly influenced by how they feel about us. People like to hear their names and to have them remembered. Therefore, you can influence their intuitive processes by remembering and using names. While many of us know this, we don’t realize how important it is. It’s an effort very deserving of our time and resources.

People Like to Be Remembered and to Hear Their Names

In journalism class, instructors will tell students that using names in articles is critical to securing readers’ interest. At a party, someone told me his favorite class was statistics because the professor was good a remembering and using names. A college professor said that a student focus group told his colleagues that professors could improve their course evaluations and standing with students by simply starting to remember and use students’ names in class.

What do names have to do with enjoying statistics or evaluating professors? A lot. They affect people’s intuition which in turns affects their cognition. Their cognition is responsible for producing the rationales that support people’s preferences. The more they like the messenger the more likely they’ll like the message; they’ll learn material, adopt initiatives and perform tasks much quicker and more effectively.

Remembering and Using Names Can Be Hard But . . .

However, remembering and using the names of people, especially all your employees, might be difficult. Still, virtually all of us, if we work at it and “cheat” a bit can remember close to five hundred names. First, it’s a matter of saying, “This is important.” Second, we can train ourselves to become better at it. In this sense, our minds work very much like our muscles. They become stronger through training and practicing.

Here are some techniques for using and remembering names.

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