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19 Dec 2013

Three Key Emotional Triggers (Pt 3): Long-term Security

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Three Key Emotional Triggers

Manifestation of Needs

The need for long-term security often shows up as power, strength and control too. Purchasing products that convey power and strength are manifestations of this need.

The first key emotional trigger I will explore from the aspects of behavior, thought and emotion is security. More formally it’s long-term security. So, the question is this: If security is important to someone how will it manifest itself in behavior, thought and emotion? Again, in an attempt to simplify, I express these manifestations as the keywords of strength, knowledge and spirit respectively.

When security is important to us, our behavior will orient around strengthening whether it’s our things, our ideas, others or ourselves. For instance, taking aggressive action to rectify a situation reflects making something strong that is weak. Giving people comfort and aid, helping them to feel “safe and secure” reflects the same underlying security need, in this case as a solution to their problem.

In our thoughts, security orients around knowledge. “Knowledge is power” is an example of this association. Enforcing legalities is the “force of law,” our ideas as to the regulation of our societies. In the same sense, logic allows us to know what will come next. Exclaiming, “If I had only known that . . . ” frequently reflects a security need.

When it comes to emotion, security reflects in our spirit, our essence. Faith, confidence, optimism and destiny are examples of emotional states conveying that essence. “You need to pull yourself up” and “We need to feel safe,” are just two emotional expressions of a security orientation.

Granted all of us, at some moments, will need and want security. Yet, how we interpret and rationalize these moments is personal. What we might interpret as a situation requiring reinforcement another might interpret as requiring something new or requiring some special skill. In the long run, over many moments, our behavior, thoughts and emotions will display their tendencies.

So, who do you know displays strong security needs?

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