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23 May 2016

Team Selling Tips That Double As Team Builders

Team selling can be a great team builder. Most team selling tips though key in on just selling together. A few are team builders too. They build sense of team.

Sense of team is about knowing the team’s purpose. It is also knowing how each person fits into that purpose. The person needs to know how he fits. His teammates need to know how he fits too.

Team Selling Tips That Build Sense of Team

The team selling tips that do this focus on building up the partner. This works in complex corporate sales. It works in frontline retail sales. It does not have to be a sale. It works anywhere influencing is needed.

Some team selling tips also build team at the same time.

Most team selling tips focus on selling. There are a few that act as team builders too.

These team selling tips have a team member:

  • Compliment specific talents, actions, skills or attributes of her partner
  • State how these are useful to the client
  • Listen and look at his partner while she speaks
  • Smile respectfully at her partner at the right times
  • Make approving statements and gestures towards his partner

They can be comments such as:

  • “Ramone’s has great attention to detail and is very proactive.”
  • “He will be able to ensure that your project runs on time and under budget.”
  • “Silvia is right about that. I’m pleased you are in such good hands.”

They can be actions such as:

  • Nodding to show support for a point.
  • Gesturing or pointing to partner as if to say, “See, she knows her stuff.”
  • Smiling while talking about the partner.

Why They Work in Sales and Teambuilding

These help sales because it is hard to brag about oneself. Research shows that having another brag about us is much better. This holds true even when people know the other person:

  • Is a co-worker
  • Has a vested interest in promoting us
  • Gets paid for doing so

These team selling tips are team builders because team members have to:

  • Identify the talents, actions, skills and attributes of their partners
  • State publicly and specifically what those are
  • Think how they help clients and the team
  • Show appreciation for those talents, skills and attributes at the right times

In other words, they get team members thinking about each other’s role and contributions. They are no longer abstract, general thoughts running around in the head. They must be good enough and specific enough to work in sales.

Team Selling, More Than Just Selling

Every deal does not end in a sale. Every deal can help build a sense of team though. These team selling tips do that.

The opportunities to use them are endless. Those wasting them are endless too. Team selling is more than just selling . . . if we want it to be.

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