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Communication techniques for empowering employees for success
11 Nov 2019

Most Overlooked Conversation Tip Empowering Employees For Success

Search empowering employees. Few results deal with the core of empowering. That’s power. Give it, or work to get others to see their power. That’s the key to empowering employees for success.

Working To Get Employees To See Their Power

Empowering Employees For Success Is Showing How They Help Others

The key to empowering employees is working hard to get them to see the power they have that no one can take from them.

That’s not to say these other tips aren’t good things to do. They might set the ground for empowering. They’re just not giving or helping others to see their power.

Now, giving power to employees in the form of authority and responsibility can help. Yet, it conditions the employee to think that if others give power, they can take it away too. Therefore, working to get employees to see their power is by far the best way to empower.

Empowering Employees For Success Is Showing How They Help Others

The best way to empower employees for success is to show how they’ve helped others. This includes us. It includes other employees. It includes customers.

Four basic steps exist:

  1. Ask for an employee’s help.
  2. Thank the employee for the help.
  3. Compliment the help and reinforce its importance.
  4. Say how the help helped by tying it to an employee’s action or attribute.

Here are examples of each:

  1. “Jacob, would you help me with this project.”
  2. Afterwards, “Thank you, Jacob, for your help.”
  3. “Your help was great. This went much better than I thought.”
  4. “The way you organized things did wonders” (Action) or “Your talent for organization really paid off” (Attribute).

These examples combine Steps 3 and 4 to show other ways these steps play into daily work:

  • The way you worked through that was great. It really helped the team get done sooner and better. The way you can apply yourself for long periods is amazing.
  • Wow, that client was very upset, but you worked through that very well. You got her to see that we’re truly here to help our clients. You have a natural ability to work though such touchy situations.

Showing How Employees Helped Shows Their Power

No one can help another if she does not have the power to help. Showing how employees help shows their power. When we point out to employees their power, when we get them to see their power, we empower employees in the true sense of the word. We do this in conversation by noting how they helped and how great it was.

This is better than giving them authority. Someone can always take back that authority. No one, absolutely no one, can take from them the power that lies in their talents and efforts. No one. Thus, empowering employees for success means getting them to see the power they have in these.

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