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Manifestation of Needs

20 Oct 2013

Manifestation of Needs

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  1. I found Mike Lehr’s description of fostering needs to be compatible with my effort to vindicate my philosophy of composition. Letting students write about their environment is not only sustainability, but it provides security–another way to say #YouMatter. Willingness to hear our students report their world allows them to be unique. Growth is fostered with fun essay prompts and model essays; some will be edited student essays. Thanks Mike.

    1. Mike Lehr

      You’re welcome, J.D. I am pleased the post had value beyond the business realm. I also find that writing is a form of self-education so another way growth applies. I know this might vary with the age of the student. Still, I would like to know if you experienced this with students?

      Thank you for stopping by for a visit and leaving your insights, J.D. I appreciate it.

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