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9 Jul 2012

Ferrari Analogy: Fast Service vs. Good Service

Often we assume fast service is good service; however, we need to challenge constantly this assumption. As I wrote previously, customer service borders on entertainment. To help people feel this, I use my Red Ferrari Analogy. I introduce it by asking, “When you go home from work, which way do you take?” Eventually, people agree: the quickest.

From here, I continue with the following:

All right then, let’s say that instead of going home in your present car at the end of today I give you the keys to a red Ferrari to drive home. How would you like that?

People agree that they would like this very much; however, I then present a caveat:

Great, however, there is only one condition: once you reach home, you give the keys and the car back to me. Now, let me ask you this: Knowing this would you still take the quickest way home?

At this point, people are usually laughing but say, “No.” I’ve even had a few who said, “I would never go home.” Nevertheless, I finish with this point:

So, the question is this: Are you providing people with a quick experience or a Ferrari experience?


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