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23 Mar 2015

12 Tips for Passing Personality Tests

These 12 tips give you the personality you need for passing personality tests.

You do not need a personality to use these 12 tips for passing personality tests.

Passing personality tests is more and more important. More firms are using them. These tests are very lucrative too.

They are not based on scientific fact or proof though. We cannot even scientifically prove they are good for hiring. I can prove how tall you are by measuring you. They cannot do that with our personalities.

They are based on the theories and opinions of experts. That is why they cannot really prove that we tried passing them.

12 Tips for Passing Personality Tests

While we need to tailor these tips to the job, only a certain kind of culture relies on these. Typically they want those who fit. Here are twelve tips for passing personality tests:

  1. Do not believe “there is no wrong answer.”
  2. Psyche yourself up for the test so you are excited and confident to take it.
  3. Be Pollyanna positive about each question viewing all conditions in it through rose-colored glasses.
  4. Do not over think as some questions are there to make sure you are taking the test seriously.
  5. Assume all people in questions are the best people you would want to be with or meet.
  6. You will do whatever you can and drop whatever you are doing to be with those people.
  7. Do not associate with anybody who breaks the rules or is dishonest for any reason.
  8. Give questions leeway (i.e. “Do you know anyone who has stolen anything?” becomes “Do you know many who have stolen a lot?”).
  9. You are unflappable; very little upsets you so be happy.
  10. If someone wrongs you, there is no reason to get upset because you trust the system to take care of them.
  11. Do not admit that you tried to pass the personality test.
  12. Practice as much as you can on all kinds of tests.

Picture Yourself as the Person Passing Personality Tests

Do what you can to psyche yourself up positively. Our moods strongly influence our responses. Some sites go through specific questions as examples for passing personality tests. They are good for an idea.

It is best though to picture yourself as the person above. Be an actor. Ask, “How would this person respond?” Your answers will be more consistent. You will not cloud your mind with remembering questions.

Finally remember, the nice thing about personality tests is that you really do not need a personality to pass them. If the people giving them really knew personalities, they would not need a computer to do it for them.

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