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22 Jun 2015

Feeling Powerful at Work Can Be Done This Way

Feeling powerful at work requires effort.

Feeling powerful at work can be hard. Many forces are trying to drag us down.

Feeling powerful at work can be hard. People can drag us down. They often do so without knowing it. Work is harder. Driving change is too.

We might just say, “This will not bother me.” This is not enough though. It can affect us even if we think it does not. Those who do not think it will are most at risk.

What can we do? What can we do as leaders, managers, owners and change management consultants?

Research Says

Research says (pdf) we do better when we are feeling powerful at work. Focus on positive feelings helps us do this. This is why good luck charms and crossing fingers help.

These feelings help our health too. We will miss less work, work longer. Our focus will be better too.

Tips to Feeling Powerful at Work

Long time ago I read a book about golf by Jack Nicklaus, Golf My Way. The tip I remember most is visualizing the shot, a good shot. Feeling powerful at work is about this and more. Here are seven tips to do this:

  1. Replay in your mind a success at work.
  2. Replay a non-work success.
  3. Keep to your rituals that focus on success.
  4. Help someone.
  5. Compliment someone.
  6. Tell others you enjoy working with them.
  7. Minimize pressure and stress due to fear.

The replay does not have to about work. It does not have to be about the project at hand. Replays allow you to recall the good deeds. Actors visualize to get into character.

Rituals and habits help us prepare. They focus us. Helping and complimenting help us feel good about ourselves. These tips shift our focus. They move it from fear.

Writing out these replays helps us to focus on them. Cataloging them helps us to recall them. Researchers use this method much to put people in certain moods.

Warnings about Feeling Powerful at Work

Feeling powerful has risks if we overdose on it. We tend to think and empathize less. We become more susceptible to faint praise and yes-people. The risk of errors and bad decisions increases.

As with eating feeling powerful at work is about being on the right power diet.

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