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13 Mar 2017

6 Tips on Getting People to Give Up Privacy to Get Their Data

Big data can’t live without data. That means it must find ways to get people to give up privacy so it can get their data. At first, it sounds hard. It’s quite easy though. Here are six tips.

1. Give Rewards and Discounts

Loyalty, reward and membership programs are the most common here. I bought three puzzles from a bookstore. I was a “member” so received an extra 10% off. Within a week, I began receiving emails from a company selling puzzles.

2. Trigger Need for Safety and Security

We all have security needs. To keep ourselves safe, we give a lot of information so firms can identify us. There are even apps that allow our phones and cars to transmit our location when in trouble. There is even the fear of not getting what we want if we don’t give the right info.

Here are six tips that get people to give up privacy to get their data.

In order for big data to work well, it will need to find ways to get people to give up privacy of their data.

3. Make It Fun

Social media platforms and phone apps are a great example here. We “like,” “retweet,” and “share,” things we enjoy. We play games on phone apps. All of these collect and send info on us.

4. Tap the Exhibitionist in People

Narcissists love to share things. Yet, we don’t need to be one to be an exhibitionist. People like to show where they traveled, what they did at work, what their kids did, and where they moved, all for most people they barely know. Heck, even criminals like to show off what they did.

5. Keep It Easy and Mindless

Most people know they give up privacy in digital forums. They still do because it’s so easy to do and so hard to avoid. Moreover, don’t remind them of what’s happening. It’s like security cameras. People know they are there, but over time they will tend to behave as though they aren’t.

6. Play to Illusions of Self-Control

The best examples are people who don’t believe ads work on them. That’s why ads do. They like to believe they are in total control of what they buy. Nothing influences them. Don’t disagree.

Other examples are privacy notices and firms giving some control over the data. Yes, the company might not be able to sell it to a third party. Yet, when that firm gets sold, the new firm gets it.

Why People Give Up Privacy So Easily

These six tips will make it easy for people to give up privacy so you can access their data. Just don’t make a big deal of it. Keep it quiet. Bury it in online acknowledgements.

You see, they think it’s just about getting pitched more junk. They don’t know it will more and more affect their ability to get a loan and insurance or even the best price online or their next job.

Remember too, people think simply. It’s too hard for them to see how several bodies of different data can be searched to link such things as IP addresses to mailing addresses. Thus, they feel safe.

Nonetheless, as you know, it’s not hard at all. It’s very easy. Heck, political campaigns have done it. It’s almost as easy as getting people to give up their privacy.

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