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How To Get Someone To Stop Thinking - 2 Ingredients
30 Oct 2017

How To Get Someone To Stop Thinking And Just Do What You Say

It might seem strange to talk about how to get someone to stop thinking. Yet, it happens quite a bit in the workplace. Most just don’t see it. They see it as something else.

Rules and processes are two key ingredients when learning how to get someone to stop thinking.

Knowing how to get someone to stop thinking requires two ingredients: rules and processes.

Two Attributes Of How To Get Someone To Stop Thinking

Getting someone to stop thinking has two major attributes. First, it’s mandatory. Questioning does not exist. Second, it’s easier than thinking. It’s hard and takes time.

For example, a rule requires less thought than a guideline. Thus, telling someone a task is a rule will shut down her thinking. On the other hand, guidelines need thought, judgment. Words like “order” and “law” have the same effect as “rule.”

Ease shuts down thought too. We see this with software. It’s easier to just follow Siri than it is to use a map. Yet, Siri shuts down thinking. That’s why those who use a map are more likely to remember how to get there the next time.

How Rules And Ease Team Up To Stop Thinking

How do rules and ease team up to tackle how to get someone to stop thinking? Here, think processes. They are sets of rules making things easier. In computers, they show up as code.

For instance, take recipes. They’re processes. Yet, just because I can follow a recipe does not mean I’m a chef. Just because I can follow the instructions that come with IKEA furniture does not mean I’m an expert furniture maker.

Experts created the recipes and instructions. Their thinking about these reduce my thinking. They did it for me. This holds true for any user of any process. Thinking stops at the process’ limits.

Take the project management. Experts on project management created processes for it (recipes). As a result, it does not mean that one who knows and follows them is an expert too. He does not need to grasp the deeper aspects of project management. He just needs to obey the process.

From Processes To Habits To Stopping Thinking

Getting someone to stop thinking involves rules and ease. Together they form processes. Once users get used to them, they become habits. Then, they can do them faster. As people work faster under urgent timeframes they think less. They just do what you say. Processes become your voice to control thinking, putting limits on it . . . or even stopping it.

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