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Finding Happiness On Social Media
1 Jan 2018

Finding Happiness On Social Media This Year And Beyond

In light of more and more research, finding happiness on social media seems an oxymoron. In sum, the message is that more social media time means more unhappiness. Yet, digging deeper there are ways to find happiness on social media.

First, one can’t find happiness on social media without taking a look at the smartphone too. They distract people. Their productivity declines. Even their IQ can too.

Distractions also lower empathy. That makes it harder to relate to others and to build relationships. As a result, smartphones can cause unhappiness too.

10 tips to finding happiness on social media

Despite research to the contrary, finding happiness on social media is possible.

10 Tips On Finding Happiness On Social Media

Just as food producers work to make foods people can’t resist, tech firms do the same with social media and smartphones. Yet, as with junk food, both can be fun . . . in moderation.

Therefore, use these tips to find happiness on social media:

  1. Avoid liking and emoji’s, comment instead.
  2. Focus activity on family and close friends.
  3. Share only stuff you’re willing to comment on.
  4. Don’t use it as a news source.
  5. Think three times before sharing personal and family achievements.
  6. Keep all social media activity to less than an hour a day.
  7. Place smartphone out of sight and hearing when:
    1. Family and good friends visit
    2. A task needs concentration
  8. Shutdown smartphone at bedtime and place in another room.
  9. Turn off all other smartphone notifications when you only need phone.
  10. Avoid politics.

What’s Behind Unhappiness On Social Media

Happiness on social media spikes with engagement with close ones, not the generic public. Liking and emoji’s are not engagement. Comments are.

Moreover, casual liking leads to more outrageous forms of the same stuff. The outrageous keeps people on. That includes news and politics. That makes social media platforms poor news sources. More key, in 2017, politics took the crown from money and job as the top stress inducer.

Finally, social media have sold people on the idea that boasting is sharing. Pride is like sex though. It’s great to share with close ones. With the whole public though, it’s no longer sharing.

That’s what makes pride one of the seven deadly sins. It prompts feelings of superiority. Social media fuels this with likes.

Empathy suffers though. Relationships do too. Then unhappiness follows. That’s because a few good relationships are the key to happiness. Happiness on social media means focusing on those who are special to you.

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