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20 Nov 2014

Leveraging Group Interactions The Complete Strategy

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Leveraging Group Interactions

In this series on leveraging group interactions to mold relationships and culture, we actively inject ourselves into group dynamics. We do so subtly.

Previously, I discussed activities after and before the interactions. They are the bookends for the activities while the meetings, presentations and functions are happening. This post combines everything into a complete strategy.

Figure #1 is the complete picture. Group interactions position themes. In subsequent individual interactions we reinforce them. We repeat. We reiterate. Repetition is fundamental to change. It’s not only about having people do again. It’s about having them think again.

Group Interactions Complete Strategy

Figure #1: Group interactions serve to position individual interactions which then serve to reinforce.

After group interactions, individual interactions follow. We work it into our everyday business activities. Planning the themes are important. Planning how we would present to each in individual discussions is too. Yes, extra time, but we work relationships smarter not harder. These activities contain the keywords and phrases of the change we emphasize.

Consequently, the strategy is very dynamic. There are many moving aspects. They require us weaving them together. Our themes, our keywords and phrases do this. Our relationships with each person determines the strength of that weave.

Figure #2 inverts Figure #1. The purposes of group and individual interactions reverse. Individual ones position and groups reinforce. While each group interaction positions themes, it also allows us to reinforce the individual interactions we have.

Figure #2: Individual interactions can position group interactions which serve to reinforce.

Figure #2: Individual interactions can position group interactions which then serve to reinforce.

Even though I’ve segregated the two views, every group and individual interaction will simultaneously give us positioning and reinforcing opportunities. Thus, the strategy is very synergistic.

Each interaction, whether group or individual, reinforces the previous one and positions the next. Our interactions are no longer segregated points in time. They are a continuous flow.

To this point, I’ve emphasized our themes, keywords and phrases – the subject matter. Relationships are key here too. In this sense, subject matter is the excuse for us to strengthen relationships. Face time’s power is real.

From this perspective then, in many interactions the subject matter will be secondary. Molding relationships will be primary. This series contains activities for molding relationships in groups. The series, Leveraging Relationships in Communications, has corresponding activities for individuals.

This strategy is extremely effective. It puts the practitioner in great position to effect change.


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  1. One of your best I think!!! The dual notion of position (what am I or are we doing) and reinforcement (how well am I or are we doing) both with regard to the objectives AND the efforts of the other individuals is absolutely critical, the source of timely and significant progress / success.

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