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Fighting Anxiety And Fear At Work
29 Oct 2018

Fighting Anxiety And Fear In Workplace Projects

Many factors instill anxiety and fear at work. It’s not only the work itself. It’s the business culture and internal politics that instill it too. That makes fighting anxiety and fear common. Several steps make this fight more successful.

Picture Fighting Anxiety and Fear

Fighting anxiety and fear at work begins by taking the right steps.

Rather than view anxiety and fear as crushing forces, see them as motivating ones. Anxiety becomes dynamism, fear becomes courage, by taking the right steps.

First embrace anxiety and fear as allies. They often aren’t enemies. They show one cares about the work. The dispassionate and complacent are more likely to screw up. This is true with projects. That means channeling this energy into the work.

Thus, rather than view anxiety and fear as crushing forces, see them as motivating ones. Anxiety becomes dynamism. Fear becomes courage. In this way, one attacks the project. The project does not attack. Courage can’t exist without fear. Dynamism can’t without anxiety.

Four Steps In Fighting Anxiety And Fear

So, that’s the backdrop, the emotional image. Four practical steps go with it. They involve timeliness, focus, training and contacts.


Don’t procrastinate. Fighting anxiety and fear begins with taking action as soon as it’s known. Procrastination is common. It’s easy. Attack it by picturing this. The you of today helps the you of tomorrow with timeliness. Procrastination punishes. It overloads. It’s you today punishing and overloading you tomorrow. Do good friends punish each other?

Focus On Task

Focus. Fighting anxiety and fear means focus on the tasks to complete the project. Just as biting the tongue wards off a sneeze, focus on the project wards of anxiety and fear. In the movie, Matrix, Trinity’s impossible escape from agents begins with focus. She focuses on the steps she needs to do.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPtk7mweahY (Key phrase at time stamp 2:10)


Rely on training. An aspect of focus involves tapping it. Call on what you know. What skills, abilities and talents of yours can you tap? Don’t focus on what you can’t do. There’s no point thinking how a car might help if you don’t have a car.


Call on contacts. As in any fight, allies help big time. They can give missing skills, abilities, talents and knowledge. They also provide emotional support. Just knowing others are in one’s corner helps.

Winning The Fight Against Anxiety And Fear

Turning anxiety and fear into dynamism and courage begins by channeling this energy into timeliness, focus, training and contacts. Such actions put one in charge. These actions trigger dynamic, courageous emotions.

Just don’t procrastinate. Be a great friend today to yourself tomorrow. Attack. Focus on tasks, rely on training, and call on contacts. Why wait?

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