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8 Aug 2016

Another Two Morale Builders for Employees That Don’t Cost a Cent

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series 10 Morale Builders That Don't Cost A Cent

When employees feel good about themselves and their companies, their work dramatically improves. Morale builders for employees do just that.

Bonuses, awards and merchandise only go so far. They also cost more than many of the best morale builders. In three previous posts, I covered these morale builders for employees. They don’t cost anything at all:

  1. Remember and use employees’ names
  2. Shake employees’ hands
  3. Thank employees
  4. Hold small group update meetings
  5. Ask for help, don’t order
  6. Be visible and accessible

Another two morale builders for employees that don’t cost a cent include demonstrating listening and complimenting strategically.

1. Demonstrate Listening

Morale builders for employees not make a good work environment but a productive one too.

Companies can dramatically raise performance with morale builders for employees.

Listening places value on what the employee says. It makes him feel good about himself, us and the company. These make listening a great morale builder.

Active listening courses teach techniques to help people become better listeners. Here are eight common ones. The links connect to their descriptions, examples and effects.

  1. Open-ended questions
  2. Closed-ended questions
  3. Pause
  4. Acknowledgement
  5. Encouragement
  6. Synchronization
  7. Summarization
  8. Reflection

The problem with most courses though is their over focus on the listening. While important, it’s nothing if the other person doesn’t know it. This can leave one with the idea that as long as she is listening she is doing well.

Each of the above techniques are designed to do that. The problem is follow through. One needs to see some kind of confirmation that the other person knows he is listening. It could be as direct as a “thank you for listening” or as subtle as eyes lighting up because the listener understood.

2. Compliment Strategically

Compliments help people feel good about themselves. They are positive reinforcement tools. That means they can serve to reinforce behaviors we want. Thinking how to use compliments in this way is complimenting strategically.

Some people though wonder whether this cheapens a compliment. They think it should be spontaneous. It can be either planned or spontaneous. Thinking about very specific compliments we can give to drive specific behaviors works too.

That is because compliments are gifts. Don’t people appreciate thought put into gifts to them? Compliments work the same way. Just as gifts can build relationships compliments can build morale.

Free Morale Builders for Employees

Free morale builders for employees are better than those that aren’t. That is because they are relationship builders too. Relationships are keys to happiness. It’s why socializing can be a teambuilding tool too.

In the end then, can any company have great morale without great relationships with its employees?

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