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10 Oct 2016

2 Final Free Morale Boosters for Work to Use Now

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series 10 Morale Builders That Don't Cost A Cent

The free morale boosters for work in this series have one thing in common. They only require a leader, nothing else. They use the various strengths inherent in every leader’s personality. They are there.

Too many times though we leave them at home. It’s intimidating because what looks good on paper and in presentations seem so much better. It’s so easy to discount what’s inside us.

The Common Link Among All These Free Morale Boosters

Think about it. All eight of the previous free morale boosters for work don’t need paper and pen or computer and screen:

  1. Remember and use employees’ names
  2. Shake employees’ hands
  3. Thank employees
  4. Hold small group update meetings
  5. Ask for help, don’t order
  6. Be visible and accessible
  7. Demonstrate listening
  8. Compliment strategically
These free morale boosters for work will build up any organization's employees.

Build up employees, raise them up above the weeds of mediocrity, with these two free morale boosters for work.

They only need a leader. The two final free morale boosters for work do the same. They only need what’s inside a leader, nothing else.

1. Reference Other Employees Positively

Tapping positive emotions in employees greatly improves their work. Talking positively about other employees to employees does this. They subtly think, “If he says good things to me about the others, perhaps he does the same for me with them.”

This dawned on me when an executive got done criticizing another employee in front of an employee and me. After the exec left, the employee turned to me and said, “She always criticizes everyone. I wonder what she says about me to the others.”

2. Allow and Encourage Venting

When employees work on the edge of their skills and talents, tension is natural. Not allowing employees to vent is like not allowing athletes to sweat. When they feel safe expressing themselves, the team benefits too. That’s what Google learned.

Most times we don’t need to solve the problem. Just listening is often enough. Even if there is a solution, posing it too early can prevent it from working. Knowing and practicing venting skills is key here.

Improving morale means encouraging venting within a productive context. Don’t feel as though you must solve the problem. Often, listening is enough. Conflict management training might be advisable.

The Inside Story to Free Morale Boosters for Work

The leader is the inside story to all these free morale boosters for work. Many leaders though don’t use them. They leave that part of them at home.

That’s good for the rest. They stand out. These leaders know that all they need is inside. They can lead anytime anywhere anyplace. They don’t need any crutches.

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