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29 Jun 2015

Extroverts and Introverts Differences as Innovators

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8 extroverts and introverts differences as innovators from a non-social view.

Too often we only look at extroverts and introverts differences from a social point of view. Many non-social differences exist.

Assessing personalities is a key task for a change management strategy. As a change management consultant I find discussing extroverts’ and introverts’ differences as a good start to show this.

Mike Fox of the International Center for Studies in Creativity first introduced me to extroverts’ and introverts’ differences as innovators. He shared their creative differences. They differ quite a bit. Yet, we cram both into the same processes.

Problems for Driving Innovation

When it comes to driving innovation, this “one process fits all” mentality makes change leadership tougher. Fearing change goes up. Resistance goes up.

Some of this is because there is scant info on extroverts’ and introverts’ differences from a non-social aspect. That is why I have devoted a series to how they differ in this sense.

Extroverts and Introverts Differences

Extroverts’ and introverts’ differences as innovators do not have to be about grand schemes. They could be about simple, daily ones.

In this sense then, extroverts will tend to:

  • Share a lot of ideas with many not having much promise
  • Think through them shallowly
  • Research most of them thoroughly
  • Write many of them down
  • Have a process to filter them
  • Discuss with others to sort through them
  • Avoid being wedded to one idea
  • Use ideas “out of the box” (i.e. best practices)

Introverts will tend to:

  • Share few ideas but they have promise
  • Think through them extensively
  • Filter out the less promising ones
  • Research only a few of the best
  • Discuss with others to refine points
  • Be wedded to one idea
  • Write only one or a couple down to share
  • Refine ideas to fit their situations

Their Power Sources

Extroverts and introverts differences as innovators are based on their power sources.

Extroverts will rely on external tools to filter and refine ideas. This means using research, processes, best practices and discussion to do this.

Introverts will rely on internal tools to do this. This means tapping their own thought processes, assessments, experience and expertise.

Keep in mind differences are relative. Both do all these things. They just do them less than the other does. Also, we are all a blend of these two. It will vary by our circumstances and moods.

No pure extrovert or introvert exists.

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