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12 Oct 2015

How to Deal With Office Politics in 5 Tips

In how to deal with office politics, it is not wise to ignore them.

There are four things to learn about how to deal with office politics.

When we look at what are office politics really, we find they are relationships. Since most do not like office politics, we tend to see them as bad ones. Still, when we think about how to deal with office politics this is a good start.

Many like to say they stay out of office politics. This is generally a bad idea. Those who say this are either hip deep in them or do not want to change things.

How to Deal With Office Politics Begins Here

There are four things to remember about how to deal with office politics:

  1. They will always exist.
  2. Doing a great job is not enough.
  3. Some do not care if they hurt others.
  4. Build relationships.

As long as there are groups, politics will exist. Even a child can spot the politics in a family. Let people know we are doing a good job. Even the best products do not sell without marketing.

We will not sell all on our work though. If we are at all good, we will likely threaten others. We will become a scapegoat for them. That means using all we have to build relationships and to show others we want to help them.

Do Not Count On Leaders to Help

Leaders play a big role in office politics. They often do not see it though. They slough it off as just gossip most times.

Our relationships with them count. We just cannot count on them. Our relationship with others influences the one we have with the leader.

This happens because leadership and power link up. Power helps leaders to:

In short, leaders become more exposed to those who reinforce their views and emotions. These people use that to change how leaders feel about their team and us.

All Relationships Count

All relationships count in how we deal with office politics. Some count more than others. Doing a great job is not enough. Having a great product is not enough.

We need to market ourselves. We need to network. We need to offer help. We need to be proactive with all of these. Above all, we cannot put all our eggs in the basket of the leader.

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