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Many easy conversation tips exist to undermine truth.
11 Feb 2019

Two Easy Conversation Tips For Undermining Truth

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After finding a good face to put on a great story, and after finding the right emotional triggers to pull, undermining truth boils down to getting it done. That means making the attack on truth sound good. It begins with two easy conversation tips: repetition and threes.

Easy Conversation Tips


Ad campaigns repeat ads. Why? They work. Thus, to undermine truth, repeat the attack again and again. Do so, even in the face of opposition.

If the story has a good face and hits the right emotional triggers, it will sound much better than the truth. Reality is always tough to explain. That means it requires too much thought.

Therefore, the attack is like a dessert. No matter how full people are from their meals, they always make room for a great dessert. People’s minds work the same way. They will always make room for a great story.

People don’t like the new. Repeating the attack overcomes that. Yes, the first time they hear it it’s new. The second time it’s not. By the third they remember some of it. By the fourth, they remember more. In fact, research shows eight to ten repetitions work best.

Here’s the key. The more they remember the more it’s in their minds. The more it’s in their minds, the more real it seems. In short, they are thinking about it.


Another easy conversation tip for undermining truth is the power of threes. One can use this power in many different ways. It might begin with three reasons why the truth can’t be true:

  1. Too indirect to be effective
  2. Same old, failed thing with a different wrapper
  3. Does not fit our culture

It might include three reasons why your story is true:

  1. More direct and hard hitting
  2. Updated version of a successful approach
  3. Fits the spirit of our culture
Two easy conversation tips that make undermining truth easy.

The easier an untruth is on the mind, the more likely people will believe it and let truth drift out to sea.

Most likely, this is not new. The context though was making a good presentation. It assumed truth. Threes don’t just work for truth though. It works for any story, lie or untruth too. The threes are like guns. They just don’t shoot for good people.

Easy Conversation Tips Are Easy On The Mind

When one says a man or woman is “easy on the eyes,” it means they look good. These easy conversation tips are “easy on the mind.” They sound good. People more easily believe people that look and sound good.

If this weren’t true, then the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not,” would not ring true. Yet, what makes something sound “too good”? It’s not just the deal. It’s also how it’s said. These are but just two easy conversation tips that make undermining truth sound good.

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