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The power of names gives all text life.
9 Dec 2019

Power Of Names Making All Communications More Appealing

Journalists know that names make articles appealing. This power of names works in all forms of communication. That includes talks, videos, conversations, reports, blogs, social media, emails, texts and messaging.

Owning a reputation for appealing communications means people are more likely to look for it. It means people will give you preference over others. Journalists call this prominence and human interest. Think about it. How can one deliver human interest without mentioning any humans?

Using The Power Of Names

Journalists know that the power of names makes all text more appealing.

Names make all forms of text and communications come alive.

What’s great about the power of names is that we don’t need to have great skills to use this power. It just means remembering and using names.

It begins with the person we’re addressing. Use his name. We can do this in conversation. We can do this in emails. Any form works.

We can extend this too by including the names of other people, places and events. Here are some examples:

  • Typical: The team will get together later today to discuss the project.
  • Naming: Olivia, Amari, Emma, you and I will get together later today in room 123 to discuss the Foundation Project.
  • Typical: After the meeting, some talked with me about more detailed budgeting for some of the items.
  • Naming: After the budget meeting, Jayden, Liam and Isabella talked with me about more detailed budgeting for items related to the Arrow One location.
  • Typical: A few of us are getting together after work. Can you join us?
  • Naming: Tom, Emma, Aiden and a few others are getting together at the Main Bar & Grill. Can you join us?

These examples contains names of people, places, events (meetings) and things (projects). Now, it’s easy to focus just on the practical side of using names. They give more info. Yes, they do. Yet, we can’t overlook the “color” they add too.

Making The Effort Making It Worthy

Of course, the first thing most will say is, “But this requires so much more work!” Yes, making the effort to look good takes work too, yet we do it. Don’t we? Things that look good appeal to us more. That includes words. Names look great. “Betty” looks better than “she” does. Making the effort means making it worthy of us.

Moreover, even with texts and messaging, voice control functions on phones mean we don’t have to key in it all. Text shortcuts and predictive text functions make it faster and easier too. It’s learning to use these technologies.

Again, we don’t need to write with journalistic quality. The power of names does not require it. A name says it all. So, add color and appeal to your communications. Use names.

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