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Cars And Personality Types, Possessions Outside, Personality Inside
8 Jun 2020

Cars And Personality Types, Case Study On What Possessions Tell Us

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Real-time Personality Assessment

People’s possessions tell us much about them. For instance, there’s a link between cars and personality types. Yes, not all own cars. Yet, they’re a great case study for learning how to read personalities from other possessions.

Materialism, Cars and Personality Types

Just as sunny days often make people cheerier, the things people own can too. That’s materialism. This becomes more so as people identify with those things. Cars are key in this sense. Houses are another. Yet, it can be anything, even collections of things

Now, the theme is this: people seek to build a world that compensates for what’s inside. If people feel fearful, they build protection. Feeling adventurous, they build things to take them places.  In short, the outside addresses what’s missing or low on the inside.

There's a connection between cars and personality types; it's a matter of knowing how to read this connection.

People seek to build a world that compensates for what’s inside. In short, the outside addresses what’s missing or low on the inside.

Take a flashy car. One that attracts looks. This might make up for one who is unremarkable without the car, perhaps quiet. Yet, it could also make up for one who is flashy. The story here is that she does not feel enough people know this. So, the car is an advertisement on wheels.

Take an unkempt car. The car might make up for one who’s too clean, logical and organized inside. The car takes a back seat. It’s busy inside. The unkempt car could also express ruggedness and toughness that is missing or needs advertising. Think of a dirty sports or military uniform.

Asking And Observing

The approach from here is the same as for music. Ask “Why?” “Why do you like the car?” Then listen and observe. Their answers will tell you what the car is compensating for on the inside.

Again, the person might not lack this. It just might not be sufficient. It’s relative too. A powerful person can like a car for its power, but that does not mean she feels she has enough power. It also does not mean she feels people acknowledge her power enough. So, the car advertises it for her.

In the end, what we learn from one’s car is just one clue. We explore what we learn here with other things one owns. Perhaps a red car just shows he likes the color. Does he own other red?

Putting too much stock in one thing, one clue, is a big mistake. In order to type the whole personality, we need to look at the whole person and all the things he owns.

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