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13 Jun 2013

Why Problems Occur (Alert #2): Immediate over Enduring

This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series Why Problems Occur

People prefer immediate over enduringWhen problems occur or when trying to anticipate them in problem solving, I look for seven alerts. While no single one automatically creates a problem, two or three put me on alert. The second alert occurs when the immediate prevails over the enduring.

For instance, painting over a surface with five layers of cracked paint is quicker than scraping off the old layers first, but scraping is likely to make paint last ten times as long. The immediate-enduring differs from easy-difficult in the desire to see quick results, to take action or to resolve impatience. The immediate might require more work. Other examples include:

Choosing the immediate over the enduring is borrowing time. At some point, we’ll need to make our payments . . . and then we’ll wonder why we have no time.


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