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Safe Strong Secure Words
18 Dec 2017

Personality Types That Use Safe Strong Secure Words

The words people use give insights into their personalities. These insights help us work better with others. A good place to begin are personality types that use safe strong secure words.

Big Five Personality Traits and Safe Strong Secure Words

Of the big five personality traits, the openness personality trait and conscientious personality trait come into play the most. People using safe strong secure words will tend to be more selective than open and more conscientious than adaptable.

How does one deal with people who use a lot of safe strong secure words?

If someone uses a lot of safe strong secure words, what does it say about his personality?

Words like plan, process, tradition, structure and organization convey safety, strength and security at work. They are the bones of the modern workplace. They reduce risk. The future has some certainty with them.

Pulling The Long-term Security Emotional Trigger

In these personality types, a sensitive long, term security emotional trigger lives. They’ll love actions and ideas that protect. They’ll love ones that rely on proven methods.

Thus, as an example, an action relying on sticking to a plan will hold more weight than one that relies on on-the-spot decisions. This will hold true even if the merits rest with the latter. That’s because the former pulls the security trigger. The second does not.

Making Motion and Change Safe

Motion words like change, dynamic, fluid, adapt and fast will tend to raise red flags with safe strong secure personality types. They won’t use many of them. For example, they’ll prefer to “work” through a process” than “run” through it.

Thus, flow charts are great tools to show these types. While they involve motion, they contain it. They put it in a logical structure. They do so in the same way an engine does. Its structure contains and channels explosions to power a car.

Danger, Weak and Risk

Personality types that use safe strong secure words will strongly react to words like danger, weak and risk. Again, these words pull their security emotional trigger. Using them in pitches will play well to move them to act.

In short, the key rests not only with spotting the safe strong secure words. It also rests with their opposites such as danger, weak and risk.

The key rests too with the words not used. Motion ones are examples. In fact, they carry more weight. That’s because the emotion fueling dislike is more powerful than the one for liking.

Thus, when using words to assess personalities, listen with care.

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