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7 Aug 2014

Book of Job, Favorite in Bible

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Book of Job illustrates the relationship between quality and quantity.

Book of Job illustrates relationship between quality and quantity.

The Book of Job is my favorite in the Bible because despite Job’s many sufferings God’s love is better. Translating into nonsectarian and business perspectives; even though quantity outnumbers quality, quality is better than quantity.

In our lives and business, quantity is easy to measure, easy to see. Quality isn’t because it’s highly subjective and variable depending upon circumstances. Returning to Job, even though God’s love is outnumbered by all the sufferings, it is still better.

As illustration, imagine if only good happened. We would come to take it for granted. As proof, consider all the miracles we take for granted. In fact, we do so to such a degree that many of us don’t believe in miracles.

At some point, even waking and getting out of bed is a miracle. If we keep asking, “How?” and “Why?” eventually we arrive at, “We don’t know.” Moreover, we’re not even talking about complex things such as love or empathy. Twenty years ago, we thought we had a handle on empathy, but the more we study it, the more it becomes a multi-headed monster of questions. Even our brains are miracles. Everyday a miracles stares at us from the mirror.  Yes, we often take both for granted.

Many bad things happen so we appreciate the good. Movies play this out endlessly as bad guys always outnumber good ones, but the good guys are always better. In business, the average always outnumber the best but the best are always better, whether it’s customers, employees, competitors, products or services.

Job reminds us that quality is better than quantity no matter how much quantity outnumbers quality. More importantly though, Job reminds us that quality is there even if we can’t see and touch it. The key is not letting numbers distract us.


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