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18 Jun 2012

The One and Only One Coming Around Only Once Never Again

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An inspirational message for the one and only one

The one and only one only comes around once. Are you the one and only one?

At this moment, something unique is happening. It’s you.  Never in the history of life has there been one. The future will never see another one. Life only gets to experience you once. You are the one and only one coming around only once never again.

The One And Only One

If you live as a copy, what happens to you? What happens to Life? Will it be missing a link, a joint, a connection? Will it be skipping a heartbeat?

You are you because no one else could do it. No one else had the fortitude, courage, talent, personality and wisdom to be you. No one did and no one ever will.

Only Once Never Again

When it was time to have you appear, Life could only count on you to do it. If you turn it down, there is no one else . . . absolutely no one. This is crunch time. Life deemed everyone else inadequate for the job. If you don’t take it, then there is no hope that anyone will.

If Life misses this one opportunity to experience you, it’s deprived forever. It will only get to see a copy of something else. This moment never came before and will never come after.

Asking For Your Help

I’m asking for your help. . . . Be you. You and I are here together, living during this same time. I have the opportunity and honor of experiencing you. Few before me received that honor. Many after will never receive it.

By you doing what you do best, being you, we can ensure that this moment we share is different, unique. Life won’t skip a beat, won’t have a hole.

I want to be able to say I lived during your time. It was an original, unique experience, not a copy, not a forgery. You will make my life unique and fresh simply by being you.

Remember, you are the one and only one . . . only once.


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4 Responses

  1. Yan Suarez

    This blog is very inspiring, it is important for people to understand what worth they bring to this world. Your article does a great job! I read a similar one that you may find interesting.


    1. Thank you, Yan, for the compliment. I was taking time out from the normal pragmatism of my posts to do this. I’m pleased you found it inspiring. Thank you for the post too. I appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. ~Mike

  2. Bell Gallagher

    Mike, there is an unmistakable level of spirituality in your post that is fascinating! I’d like to create short snippet posters of this for my students and colleagues at school if that is fine with you? Thank you so much! I love how you drew out the many filaments of nuance inherent in your basic premise!! What a gift you are!


    1. Mike Lehr


      Yes, you can use with appropriate citation of me as source. I would welcome you encouraging your students and colleagues to visit my blog and site. I would appreciate it. If you use these on the internet, I would appreciate receiving links to them. I would gladly consider sharing them on my network. Thank you for the compliment. Enjoy your day! ~Mike

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