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The essence of business can be found in a cup of coffee.
31 Dec 2018

Finding The Essence Of Business In A Cup Of Coffee

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There are many ways to make money in business. We hear that a lot. Yet, people focus on “make money.” The essence of business though deals with “many ways.”

Imagine if a cup of coffee were like a movie and had to list credits of every person involved in creating, producing and delivering it. It would take far longer to read the credits than to drink the coffee. Spread this out over the many products and services we use and it’s likely that a million help each of us enjoy our lives every day. This is the essence of business.

Behind any product or service are thousands of people, living and dead, who make it possible.

The Essence Of Business Exists Beyond The Money

Diving into the “many ways” has us begin to see business as a highly integrated event. It takes many players to deliver any one product or service we use. Now, spread this out over every product and service in our lives. That means, thousands, and possibly millions, of people work to give each of us the lives we live.

To this end, a journalist took on the task of thanking every single person involved in making his cup of coffee. That meant the barista, of course. It also meant going to South America to thank those who farmed the coffee beans. It meant all in between too.

I relate because I sometimes have workshops perform a similar task. They list all the people involved in delivering water to our building. Plumbers are an easy one. Makers of the pipes are too. Then, after a bit, the ones who test and purify the water enter the picture. City workers do too.

The Essence Of Business Memorializes Ancestors

Many times though the last ones are those who created the technology and products. For instance, who created the water pump? Who created the first metal or plastic pipe?

After all, we make such a big deal about our country’s forefathers. Why should we neglect the forefathers and foremothers who toiled and created the foundations upon which others and we build? Leave out any generation, and we would not be able to do what we do today.

The Essence Of Business Is Like A Movie Without The Credits

It’s easy to overlook the thousands making our lives possible. They’re invisible. Their names don’t appear anywhere. Can you imagine if each service and product was like a movie? Movies come with credits. They name all involved in making them. Imagine services and products coming with credits too.

Seen this way, claiming success as, “I did it myself,” is like making a movie without the credits. It becomes something said out of ignorance, ungratefulness or insecurity.

Of course, our lives are busy. Thinking about the thousands while drinking our coffee is just too much. Yet, that’s just how truth is many times. We don’t have time for it. So, illusions replace it. They’re much more convenient.

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