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Influencing and Problem Solving for Leaders and Others

What Consumer Psychology Teaches Us About Problem Solving

We often anticipate and rationalize people’s decisions using a cost-benefit analysis. This perspective frequently leads to erroneous conclusions and restricts problem-solving capabilities. Consumer buying habits...
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Arbitrariness: The Cornerstone of Conditions

Arbitrariness & First, Second, Third Arbitrariness is vital to intuitive problem solving because it’s related to subjectivity which is related to personality and its emotional...
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The Words “Feel” and “Think” as Tools

Intuitive approaches require the identification of emotional drivers in influencing and problem solving. They generally work better than cognitive approaches because emotional drivers tend to...
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The Success of Failure and the Failure of Success

How many times have we heard, “Nothing breeds success like success?” In a study of the orbital launch vehicle industry by Peter M. Madsen and...
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Definitions, Connotations and Personality Assessment

Word choice and phrasing (phraseology) are simple ways we can assess personalities. As I’ve said in previous postings, everything we think, do and say reflects...
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